Thornhold.... four years have passed since I saw its tiled roofs, walked the cobbled streets, breathed that city’s air. I always took this place for granted in my youth; I always considered myself a big fish in a little pond – master of my domain. I return much humbled, and much wiser, for I realize now that the world is much larger than I imagined. Fear and worry hound me at every step taken down these once-familiar streets, now as foreign to me as Rhythia was when I first entered that exotic city. An old saying, one of disgrace, illustrates what I feel.. that I have “forgotten my father’s face”. I must steel myself for this reluctant reunion with my family, and with my former mentors at the university. I’m not a devout man, but blessed Ioun, lend me wisdom and courage against the trials that await me in my erstwhile home, Thornhold.” -Alain Azuril

Basically a learning experience for players and DM alike. Getting more used to 4E and getting some new players hooked. Setting info coming soon.

Alain has started a journal in his Spellbook. See “Adventure Log” for the journal entries.

Trouble Brewing

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