Alain Azuril

Human Orbizard with Dragonling Familiar!

  • STR 8
  • CON 12
  • DEX 12
  • INT 18
  • WIS 16
  • CHA 10
  • AC: 15, FORT: 13, REF: 16, WILL: 17
  • HP: 26, HS: 7/day (8 HP)
  • Speed 6
  • Arcana +10
    Dungeoneering +9
    History +10
    Insight +9
    Religion +10
  • Arcane Familar, Alchemist, Ritual Caster, Action Surge
  • AW Powers: Cloud of Daggers (PHB), Thunderwave (PHB), Storm Pillar (AP)
  • ENC Powers: Orbmaster’s Incendiary Detonation (AP)
  • DAY Powers: Sleep (PHB), Acid Arrow (PHB)
  • UTIL Powers: Float (AP), Summon Shadow Serpent (AP)
  • Implement Mastery: Orb of Imposition
  • Familar: “Rowan” (Dragonling) Speed 5, fly 6 (hover)
  • Passive: Speak/read Draconic, +2 HP per HS
  • Active: 1/ENC, Dragon’s Breath, Rowan is origin of close-blast power.

Alain Azuril is the only son of a wealthy noble. Growing up in the palisades of his father’s manor has given him a life many could only dream of. Still, this spoiled youth never realized this, until his time came for enrollment in the Arcane University. After years of living in humble quarters with grueling study, Alain developed a razor-sharp determination to rise above his peers to attain the comfort and contentment he had at home. In short time, he became the brightest and most ambitious student in the school, enjoying private quarters among students 4 years his elder. However, his ambition began to infuriate teachers, offended and in some cases, challenged by this upstart youth. Finally fed up with the bureaucracy and simplicity of the university, Alain left, much to the anger of his father. Shunned by his father, Alain left regardless, saying “I will return with more power and knowledge than a school can offer. The world is waiting.”

Four years have passed since that day. He has traveled far and wide, in search for knowledge.. for his path. He knows deep in his heart that he was meant to be something great, and it is that irresistible pull that keeps his head up. The years have been difficult, and his noble blood has demanded finer things during his travels. Only a pittance of his starting wealth remains, a pouch of gold, and his family ring. His clothing, though high quality, is weathered, and his youthful countenance is tanned and aged from the elements. Alain is an arrogant man, and demands quality in his life. He tends to look down on everybody, but curses himself for his condescending attitude after some reflection. His noble blood does show in his loyalty to friends, and fairness. He is prone to cruelty if enraged, reveling in power. Wealth is also attractive to him; it reminds him of the life he once had.

His familiar, Rowan, came into his life 2 years ago. Rowan was a Dragonborn mercenary Alain met in a small town far, far away. After both responding to a goblin attack on the village, Rowan swore his friendship to Alain after the wizard saved him. Months of traveling together ended in sorrow when Rowan took a mortal wound for Alain, saving the wizard’s life. Their bond of friendship was so strong, Rowan’s spirit returned, manifesting itself as a small green dragon. Rowan will continue his existence on Ramistar until he walks with Alain to the afterlife, side by side.

Alain Azuril

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