Trouble Brewing

Alain's Journal - Day 19

Continuing from when I was interrupted by the attack of a Black Dragon, we slew the wyrm’s minions, and slew the beast after pushing ourselves to the limit. The dragon was crippled early on by Lucious tearing a large portion of its wing off. The acid-resisting pole Hadish gave us helped immensely, and we made off with the dragon’s bountiful hoard.

We reached Rhythia, finally. I never thought I’d be so relieved to see its minarets once more. Rhona and I helped the others through the unfamiliar streets, and we sold all off our loot at the Bazaar. Immediately after, we reunited Rhona with her father, Soloman, at the Lorekeeper’s Spire. He reimbursed us for the 500 gold Lucious spent to free Rhona, and imparted on us rumors that cult activity similar to that in Thornhold is occurring in the desert city. Soloman showed us a tattered tome with the symbol of The Eyes upon it. No amount of force could open it, and the Lorekeeper suspects that it can be opened with a password; one which only a member of the Eyes could have knowledge of. With some lengthy discussion, we decided to go to the one place where arcane magic is concentrated: The University.

We quickly found private audience with the Dean, and relayed our plight to the wizened mage. He too had heard rumor of students experimenting with forbidden magic, but had no names to tie it to. He agreed to help us by enrolling me in all the classes related to these cultist’s rituals, and the rest of our party hung out on the edges as campus guests, or janitors. It was near the end of the day, when a small group of students sat huddled in the corner of Summoning class, talking conspiratorially. I attracted their attention after some interesting queries during the lecture, and one of them, a studious young woman, approached me and offered to partake in an experiment they will perform tonight. I accepted, and we all set out to meet them late, by the fountain in the plaza. First, we needed to by a basket of fruit for the ritual.. strange.

As we finished purchasing the fruit, I spotted a shadow flitting in an alleyway. Curious, we investigated what it was. As I bathed the alleyway in light, we were beset upon by nearly a dozen starving Kenkus! We left the alleyway alive, with no real injuries aside from a self-inflicted gash on Dragonov’s leg.

We’re at the plaza now, and we’ll be meeting the students in an hour or so. I’m glad this coffee-house stays open late, I needed something to keep me alert. I forget how rare coffee is outside the desert, because the others are tasting it for the first time… it’ll probably be best if I meet them alone, and the rest hang back and watch.. and wait.



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