Trouble Brewing

Alain's Journal - Day 17

A heat wave settled over Blackjaw Swamp today. It’s so humid, I can hardly breathe. Just one more day until the golden spires of Rhythia will be in sight..

As dawn broke, a shaft of sunlight refracted through the crystal on the mysterious pedestal. It twisted the light into the shape of a crescent moon, projected on the ground nearby. After a while pondering, we set about digging at the spot, and discovered a stone sarcophagus holding the remains of a noble knight. All was ruined and rotted, except for the knight’s sword. The moment Nattie held it, the dust sloughed off the weapon as frigid cold energy coursed across the blade! Paying respects the the fallen knight, Nattie swore to honor the blade in the former owner’s name.

Early in the day, we ran into a group of merchants on their way to Hunun. Their wagon broke down, and none of the merchants could get it up and running again. With the aid of Dragonov and Nattie, the merchants were able to continue to the village, and they rewarded us with a sack of gold. Not long after, Lucious spotted something gleaming in the root tangles. It was a golden shield emblazoned with two snakes. With a heroic show of strength, Nattie wrenched the shield free, and was satisfied to discover it had magical properties! (Flamedrinker Shield)

Later on, we stumbled on a camp of 30 desert raiders hiding in the marsh. Carefully and slowly we slipped passed them unnoticed, taking some valuables with us.

An hour later, we were ambushed by a 12 foot tall Ogre! Before any of us could react, all we heard was a tremendous crash and a sickening wet sound… the Ogre lay dead, impaled on a jagged tree stump. Lucious had tripped the brute at the last second, turning what would have been a serious fight merely a scare.

Not long after that, we followed the sounds of clashing steel, and spied a deadly duel between two desert warriors. I recognized the sigil of the Malec-Keth Jannisaries on one of the men, and we distracted the other man long enough for the Jannisary to strike the killing blow. He later introduced himself as Hadish the Bold, a former Jannisary and errant adventurer. He gave us a healing potion, and a receipt with his signature on it, telling us to take that to Ahmed’s Armory in Rhythia. Who knows what that interesting man has for us in the city? I have always been fascinated by the Malec-Keth Jannisaries, the elite soldiers of the Sultan and the Lorekeepers. It is said that they are trained by the Efreets in the City of Brass, and seeing the skill and discipline of these warriors, I don’t doubt it.

Hadish also gave us a spear-like object that, if thrust in the ground, will emanate an aura that protects against acidic substances. He said we would need it for the dragon that haunts the last stretch of Blackjaw. I really hope we don’t need to

—two strange humanoids wreathed in shadow have just approached us.. they have asked to lay down all our possessions as offering to their master.. Lucious has just threatened them with death, ookay how did that new ice spell go

—oh my…



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