Trouble Brewing

Alain's Journal - Day 15

It was early today that we were ambushed by a band of foul Bullywugs again. After the struggle, we interrogated the dying mudpriest, and he told us upon his last breaths a horrible truth: the Bullywugs are being led by a group of Lizardfolk who are going to summon a demon into the world. Following the tracks of the frog-men, we searched for the site of this ritual.

Not long after, we approached a massive tree, its roots a gnarled fortress over a man high. We nearly passed it, when suddenly a team of Bullywugs leaped out from the roots, accompanied by a disgusting centipede 6 feet in length! With the beasts dead at our feet, we discovered a tunnel leading underground at the tree’s roots. As we delved this dungeon, we fought more of the frog-men, and a handful of vicious Lizardfolk. Following the sound of chanting, we espied the Lizard mage in the final stages of the summoning. He was surrounded by allies.

Without hesitation, Lucious quick-stepped into the chamber and cleft a Bullywug in twain before the others knew what was happening. We were too late to prevent the summoning, and the Lizard mage gave us a reptilian grin as the Runespiral Demon floated menacingly behind him. The entire chamber was a storm of electricity and fire as we fought the creatures. It was Lucious who killed the demon, sundering its shell in a single blow and impaling its body with his radiant blade. There was nothing left of the fiend… we may have saved many lives today. Hooray us.

That night we heard bootsteps crunching through the undergrowth towards our camp. Prepared for the worse, we were relieved to hear a calm voice hail us, and request our succor. Out of the darkness, emerged a large Dragonborn, armed and armored, introducing himself as Dragonov, adventurer and military tactician. Sensing no danger from this new ally, we invited him to accompany us to Rhythia, and he gladly accepted, relieved to not be alone in the wilds anymore.



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