Trouble Brewing

Alain's Journal - Day 14

In the morning of the last day before reaching Blackjaw Swamp, Lucious and I decided to scout ahead. I still don’t quite understand why I decided to do such an idiotic thing, because we payed for it. The two of us fell a good 60 feet down a narrow chasm that was obscured by the undergrowth. Luckily the chasm was narrow enough for us to grab handfuls of root on the way down, turning a most unpleasant death into a light battering…

While Warryn and Natty went off to find something to pull us up, we noticed that there was a cracked and dirty stone door set into the overgrown earth. Walking in, we were beset upon by a clutch of Kruthiks nesting in the root formations dominating the cave. After the struggle, we found a chest; with difficulty, Lucious forced it open to find a good amount of gold and some healing potions.

Continuing along a torchlit tunnel, we enter a two-level cave; the higher level ringing the lower and accessed by rough stone steps across the room. At the top of the steps, we encountered a pair of vicious Kobolds with crude spears. They proved no match, until the bones scattered across the lower level animated into a pair of undead Skeletons! After the bloody battle, we searched the cave and found a key to the large stone door barring our progress, and a curious magic Orb flush with crimson energy swirling in its core.. a most fortunate find.

After following polished stone steps upwards for a time, we entered a semi-circular chamber of marble.. some sort of gallery full of paintings, urns, and various curios. Skittering down the room from another set of stairs, 5 kobolds tried to kill us, and did not succeed. The last two kobolds succumbed to the sinister power of this new Orb… both kobolds were bleeding and battered, and suddenly the orb started to call out to me. I answered that call, and the crimson energy turned black.. suddenly both kobolds expelled huge torrents of blood from their wounds, killing them in most gruesome fashion.

Among the old and ruined items in the gallery, Lucious pulled out a gleaming blade, its steel laced with crimson. It held a wicked sharp edge, and coursed with magic power. Pleased with his find, Lucious led the way up the steps to the surface.

It seems that this was an old tower, for the steps led to the middle of the what would have been the tower’s main chamber. All that remained of the structure was a ring of stones, and some disjointed walls. The soil beneath us began to churn, and we quickly hopped away from an emerging figure. Out of the hot earth a blazing skeleton dragged itself up. Lucious engaged the flaming undead assured by his resistance to heat, and his new weapon. I dispatched a swarm of kobolds that thought to take advantage of our distraction; the puny scratches of the kobolds only fueled the fires of Lucious’ retributive power, making short work of the fiery undead.

Drawn to the sounds of battle, Warryn and Natty found us resting from our nice little detour in the blasted jungle. I can’t wait to sleep in a bed, and eat some real food.



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