Trouble Brewing

Alain's Journal - Day 1

What a horrible day it has been. My first day back in Thornhold after 4 years of fruitless travel, and I’m welcomed back with not so much as a bow from the gate guard. To think that they would forget the proper respect due to a member of House Azuril! To add to such nonsense, I find that the first tavern I walk into is about as clean as a Rhythian fisherman’s galley. Complete with a sputtering imbecile of a beggar at the door.

This is when the fun begins. Three guards walk in, demanding that a robed Tiefling accompany them to a crime-scene. Unwittingly, they drag me into it as well, even after explaining that I have no relation with the swordsman! An annoying Gnome Bard ‘detective’ and his giant, inebriated Dragonborn friend come too. After examining the charred remains in a burnt house, we discover a silvery residue on the bodies, accompanied by a bizarre symbol branded to their foreheads. My knowledge extended far enough to identify the substance as alchemical in nature, but nothing more. It was at my revelation of this fact that one of the guards pointed us in the direction of an uptown alchemist by the name of Orin.

After a truly barbaric threat at Orin’s door by Thael, the alchemist quickly let us in his dwelling. After explaining our situation, the gnome told us that the substance is produced by a device called a Spectrograph, and revealed that a spectrograph of his was stolen 3 moons previous. As Orin pushed us out, I noticed that more of that silvery substance was all over one of the walls. Maybe something to ask about later…

After Warryn convinced the guard, Phillip, to stand guard over Orin, we proceeded to investigate for leads, and ended up in the Street of Red Lanterns, inquiring about the mystical half-skull goblin gang. After some deft verbal maneuvering by Warryn, we entered the inner sanctum of the gang’s domain to meet the boss. All was going smoothly, until the same bum at the tavern burst in, armed to the teeth and sheathed in iron scales. A fight ensued, and in the scuffle, I was pushed through a kind of portal to a sunlit courtyard. We slew every aggressive goblin, and after a time it became clear to us that the portal crossed the bridge of time itself, taking us some 40 years in the past!

Upon investigating, we discovered that the half-skull gang was still active, yet still a fledgling organization, comprised solely of local human citizens, young and impressionable. Lucious, the avenger, slipped into the dark of night to spy on a meeting by the courtyard. Chased by guards, Lucious was in dire straits, but we got away in time and barely escaped them with our lives. We returned to the present, and things were the same, except that nobody in the club recognized us… strange considering we very recently killed a lot of their buddies. After resting for a bit, Lucious relayed to us his findings.. he witnessed a robed figure ordering the gang to start recruiting from the more savage races since the gang isn’t growing fast enough. He also approached one of the youths and gleaned from him information regarding the spectrograph & that it has been used in this time period. Lucious says he killed the boy in self-defense.. but I’m not so sure about that.

This has intrigued me immensely. I can feel something big coming from this, and how ironic that I have found more adventure and more promise of power, after 4 years abroad, in the very place I left!


Dude, thanks for pimping up this mini site haha. When I get some time off I’ll be able to flesh this out more. And what is Rhythia, by the way?

Alain's Journal - Day 1

I was avoiding any specific names ‘cause I dont want to mess w/ your setting, but Rhythia is an exotic desert city across the major ocean in your world. A close real-world estimate would be like sailing from France to Jerusalem. Alain wears a number of Rhytian baubles and a curved dagger, has a tanned complexion, and may talk about the place from time to time.

Alain's Journal - Day 1

Consider it added

Alain's Journal - Day 1

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