Trouble Brewing

Alain's Journal - Current Studies 3

I figured out how to create a clockwork bomb with help from the Dean.. it’s a little prone to premature detonation, but I think it’ll be fine. Also succeeded at making Lockburst Chalk, and a Blast Patch! The Dean commended me on my skill as an Alchemist, and decided to train me in the specialized art one to one. I can proudly call myself a real student of Artifice!

Still, the pursuit of knowledge never ends, and further power is just in reach. The Headmaster gave me a fair bit of homework to occupy my time here. The first is a classic spell that every accomplished wizard should know.. The Fireball. The second spell is a bit more complex being a Conjuration: Bigby’s Icy Grasp. I should have fun mastering these two.

My alchemical studies include Alchemical Silver, Acidic Fire, and a Thunderstone.

I will also spend a fair amount of time in the University’s library to study Fell Taints, shapeshifting Goblinoids, and any other strange mysteries we have come upon during our travels.



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