Trouble Brewing

Alain's Journal - Current Studies 2

I’ve finished everything from my last entry! What luck to find the volume I needed on that despicable Gnome’s bookshelf.

So far I’ve been trying to decipher a scroll I bought off the cartographer in Hunun, it’s an offensive spell manipulating cold energy.. it might be a while until I figure it out.

Orin had quite a lot of goodies in his workshops. I’ve been busy studying his texts and examining the various components. So far I’m working on a sort of blinding bomb, a concentrated poison, a flammable tar-bomb, a muscle-stiffening oil, and an ectoplasmic dampening oil. Also, I’m still working on that dratted Herbal Poultice.

Fell Taints, and entities associated with them: The Eyes were planning on bringing something into the world, possibly from the realms beyond the fabric of reality. I hesitate to delve into such insane lore, but it must be done soon.. I would prefer doing it in the safety of the university.



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