Trouble Brewing

Alain's Journal - Current Studies 1

I’m almost reaching conclusions with several arcane studies. Both spells originated from the native practices of Rhythia, and I trust that both will prove effective in this current mystery here in Thornhold.

Shadow Serpent: emphasis on third somatic sequence & slightly less hiss on first verbal sussuration…

Float: don’t forget the hop at the end!

Also, I think I can find a way to safely attach Alchemist’s Fire/Frost/Acid to arrows & bolts with a little more experimenting. Not that I use a bow, however, it could bring in a little extra gold.
Supplemental: Very close to completing Tanglefoot formula. Need to get into University library for “Vyren’s Alchemy vol. 4”.

Rowan thinks that fellow “Rambo” is pretty “awesome”.... I guess it’s a Dragonborn thing. I wish he’d stop complaining about his new body, it was his choice to come back in the first place.

Spotted some Amanita growing by the courtyard fountain! I can get down to some serious work on that infuriatingly complex healing poultice recipe..

Bizarre Hobgoblin shapeshifter.. perhaps caused by disease, or possibly cursed. Which is the original form, or is it a unique species? Definitely a top research priority when I’m allowed back in the University.



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